Tuesday, 3 May 2011

365 - 119 Hey, young man...

When Big Monkey wanted to cut her hair I warned her that people might think she's a boy. Well, last week the painter thanked her for bringing him the key by saying "Thank you, young man". She giggled when she told me. Then a few days later the girl at the cinema told me, that the 3d goggles wouldn't fit him as they were for smaller children. Big Monkey was a bit flustered and told her in no uncertain terms, I'm a girl not a boy. Poor girl was most apologetic. Then today the postman called her mate. Big Monkey just sighed when she told me and rolled her eyes. I told her that Mrs Wookie's Princess had the same problem until recently. She was the final step that persuaded Big Monkey to cut her hair short, as she realized that not all girls have to have long hair.


  1. Yep, boys and girls can have long or short hair. Big Monkey could always wear pink and glittery stuff or dresses.... that might help :lol: