Monday, 28 February 2011

365 - 058

We've been trying to clear out the attic storage. A few things I don't really need but can't bear to throw out I took downstairs to think about. Within minutes Big Monkey had a look through and found a use for everything.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Little Monkeys big Party - 365 - 057

Today was Little Monkey's first proper party at a venue. Months before his birthday he announced that his party was going to be in Clowntown. And that he would have a Peppa Pig cake. At his birthday he did have a Peppa cake so now it was time for the Clowntown party. This is an enormous softplay centre loved by all kids. Which means that it was packed. Poor Monkey was so excited he had a big meltdown half way through and it wasn't helped that a little friend tried to be useful and blew out the candles on his cake. Still I think he had a good time.

365 - 056 Where did this come from?

Not as spectacular as the one in the Caribbean of course but nevertheless quite impressive for a cold and drab February Day.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

365 - 056 Well, it's been sunny...

for a minute or two...

Little Monkey is well prepared. Well, we can't complain it has been very mild recently but rarely any sunshine. We have flowers coming out now. Little Monkey always loves sunglasses, he also loves pink. So a combination of those two are the Best! He always, always wears them upside down. If I change them round he looks at me like I'm mad and adjusts his glasses again, upside down.

I recently got a new phone, an iphone. I had to promise and swear to never let the kids touch it, ever! But of course one of Little Monkeys greatest joys is it to take photos. So I let him use my big camera. He nearly dropped it. Luckily he is now tall enough that the strap held the camera safely without smashing into anything. Still, not sure that's what Daddy had in mind? Time to dig out some cheapo camera for him to use.
Little Monkey likes his furniture. Normally he likes to take a photo but at the same time he wants to see what happens in front. This explains why his pictures always have such a funky angle to them.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

365 - 055

I took Big Monkey to the library on Monday. She had complained that she didn't have anything to read and that she was bored at the school run. We got out three books. Today she complained that she didn't have anything to read, we need to go to the library again she told me.

For a start we got a big box of my old children's book from the attic. They are all in German, that should slow her down a little.

Monday, 21 February 2011

365 - 052

There was quite a mess when the tree trunk was cut down along with branches from the other two trees that had to get a crown reduction.

The tree surgeons

We had an old tree trunk that was covered in ivy cut down today.



Saturday, 19 February 2011

365 - 050

Little Monkey wanted a sweetie, I said only if I can take a few photos. Is bribery immoral? It does work so well though...

Friday, 18 February 2011

365 - 049

I normally collect techniques I find in various books and flying pieces of paper. This annoys me as I never can find anything. A while ago I started a book to collect all those techniques but never used it. When I took it out today I remembered why, the spiral binding is really bent and it was hard to open it. It annoyed me so much I took it out and replaced it with big book rings I had laying around. This made me really happy, so quick to do and now I have a wonderful book to use. Only need to remember it now...

I'm sure my cat sleeps more than any other cat, she only gets up to drink and eat and sometimes to check what's going on outside for a few minutes before finding another spot to sleep.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

365 - 048

Went to the garden centre this morning to buy something to brighten up the garden.

Aren't Hellebore's simply beautiful. I also got a little African Violet for inside the house as the Amaryllis is past its best now. It was fun digging in the mud a little again after the winter break. Noticed a few more flowers poking through, the irises are out and a few of the winter pansies have buds that will open any day now.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

365 - 047 "It snowed green snow"

This morning a parcel arrived which Little Monkey presumed was his because it was his birthday recently and well, some parcels had arrived for him. Big Monkey thought it might contained something interesting so claimed it at hers. Once they ripped the box open the contents were suddenly of no interest anymore as it contained green, green! packaging material! So exciting. They ran around in it and stomped it flat and threw it around the kitchen. Great. Even the tidying up was exciting. It stuck to the brush, wonderful. Later I even got some glued on a piece of paper in the shape of a tree that Little Monkey made. The moment Grandpa came downstairs Big Monkey told him it had snowed green snow overnight! Imagine that.

In case you're now wondering what was in the parcel, a bird feeder, live meal worms and a little roosting nest. At least somebody will be happy about these...

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

365 - 046

This is just one of the best sights in London. It's not actually called Big Ben, it's the clock tower of the palace of Westminster, the bell inside is called Big Ben. They don't know why anymore, some say it's after the man who oversaw the installation of the bell or a boxer. In any case it's just wonderful to look at I think.

Monday, 14 February 2011

365 - 045

A Little Monkey with his very important Lola backpack.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

365 - *43 "Valentine"

I think I'm too late with the word assignment but I took it yesterday. I saw this from the taxi.

A little reminder...

365 - 043

I haven't felt very well the last few days so didn't manage to take a photo. I wondered whether I got the virus that has been going around. Anyway, yesterday we took Grandpa on a sightseeing tour through London. We started with lunch in China town.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

365 - 039 Pirates

Big Monkey and Little Monkey turned a balloon into pirate hats.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

365 - 038 Not Spring yet?

This morning it looked maybe a little bit foggy but after driving down from our hill it got worse, much worse.

And that photo I took when the fog had already started to lift. At one point I drove up a road towards a square I'd never been to when I church appeared suddenly looming forbidding out of the fog. It was rather splendid.

Monday, 7 February 2011

365 - 037 It must be Spring soon

I noticed several snow drops in the garden yesterday. Makes m hopeful that Spring is on its way.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

365 - 036

This plays a very happy and very loud adapted version of the wheels on the bus. Little Monkey started playing at 7 am... This woke me up. Fast. But with a smile. He sang along to it which was very cute.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Little Monkey is a Big Monkey now

because he is "deeeee", yep,Little Monkey had his
third birthday today. With his Peppa Pig cake. That was really important to him. He announced three weeks ago that for his birthday he will have a Peppa Pig cake. In case you haven't heard of Peppa Pig, this is her on the right.
Can be seen on Five if you feel the need. I personally don't, but we have books of her adventures and now toys. Oh, and a cake of course and it is yummy but I don't think we will have that for much longer. So, Little Monkey had his birthday today, we took some fruit to his nursery to share with his little friends and they sang Happy Birthday to him. When I picked him up I asked him whether he looks forward to his celebrations. He told me, but I already had my birthday! He was pleasantly surprised that celebrating birthdays involves presents, cake and more singing. All of which he got.

He was so very excited he ripped several presents open then he had to sit down and take a long break to look at everything. Then, another manic present opening followed by another long break to relax.

But then, then he found the remote control car that Grandma had sent! What excitement! He drives like a little maniac. Daddy Monkey worried for the sitting room furniture and banned Little Monkey to the play room where he happily crashed into toys, boxes and the old shelf. I, in the meantime built a fire engine that transforms into a city. Happy times, happy times. Not one bad word passed my lips. I'm very proud of myself for that feat. There were about 63 nearly identical looking stickers to be placed... I shall post photos of that tomorrow. However, Big Monkey bought that particular present and two more for him from her pocket money. She paid it all in coins. Somehow I hadn't thought she would really spend all that money on her little brother so I didn't change it into bills. We spent a long time at the check out while the cashier counted nearly 30 pounds in various coins. Well, they won't run out of change for a long time. Still, I was rather proud of her for being so generous. Especially as Little Monkey owns a grand total of 1.50. Not helped by the fact that he posts every coin he finds in the gap between the wooden and tiled step in the hall. Both find rather a lot of coins between the sofa cushions. So if you ever visit us now you know where to search for money...

365 - 035

Thursday, 3 February 2011

365 - 034

Monkey Cat in the bath tub. She only drinks from paddling pools and the tap in the bath tub. We have to turn the water on for her to have a sip before she runs off and leaves hair and wet paw prints behind. Five minutes later of course she wants more water and someone has to turn it on again. As necessary with cats this has to be repeated at least 10 times. Apparently this is good for us. As you know, cats help lower blood pressure...

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

365 - 32

This is Little Monkey on his "mo'bike". He got this while we were on holiday in Germany last summer. We visited friends and their littlest girl had outgrown the push bike and very generously and bravely passed it on to Little Monkey. She was sad to see it go and was worried that she might need it again. She needn't have, ever since Little Monkey has treated it very well. He's ever so proud to own his mo'bike. He regularly visits it in its house when the weather is not good enough to use it outside. Why he calls it mo'bike we don't really know. Maybe because it reminds him of a motorbike but then he doesn't call motorbikes that. It might be just that particular little push bike's special name.
I know, I know it is inside but after the long cold winter Little Monkey had to make sure it is still alright and we had a good look in the kitchen. It then leaned in the hall for a few hours before moving back out into its regular home. We found out though that he has grown quite a bit since we last got it out and Daddy Monkey will have to raise the seat a little bit higher.