Saturday, 30 April 2011

365 - 114 upstairs

Playing catch up again. I had to move my room upstairs so it could be decorated. After three years in a lilac room I didn't even notice anymore but hopefully soon it will be lovely and green with a ceiling without messages and a sparkling wooden floor. I really, really hope it's soon. That upstairs nook is like a dungeon...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

365 - 113 digital art

Big Monkey made this for me today

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


As usual we died eggs for Easter and because only brown eggs are available in stores in this country the results were a bit hit and miss. I used a marbling dye but other than the yellow the colours turned out dull and instead of a nice marbling effect it was just drops and drips. So I got the trusted food colouring out and used that with a dash of vinegar and voila, nicely coloured eggs. Well, red ones, the red turned out lovely but the the others weren't too bad either.

The sun was out so we spent the whole day outside again. Oh and did I mention Little Monkey was excited?

365 - 112 Easter

Oh, the excitement. Little Monkey didn't quite know what was happening but he followed Big Monkey's lead and as she was very excited...

This year the Easter bunny had a slightly mischievous streak and hid the sweeties very well and sometimes a bit out of reach.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

365 - 111 Self-portrait

I just love shadow photos. Probably because it means that it is sunny!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Spring flowers

Capel Manor Gardens

Big Monkey monkeying around, do I look like a monkey? because I am a monkey she sang. Well, yes there's a certain resemblance. These "old" ruins by the way are neither old nor there by chance. You can buy them if you think your garden needs a special feature. I don't think the Queen will come to open it though like she did here.

Throughout the garden the Monkeys made some races and I was the goal post. Race you to Mummy one would scream and next thing I'd know is a push in the back to show that the winner has arrived.

Little Monkey admired the pretty flowers, however, he was most concerned who would water them as they desperately needed watering in his opinion. He'd do it but there was no watering can close by. We did see someone water the green houses a little bit later and Little Monkey got a little fright as he got a bit wet. But at least the worries about the poor flowers drying up were unfounded.

Big Monkey couldn't resist this temple and hey, when you've got the chance to play goddess you better use it, right?

Here's Daddy Monkey advertising a little country normally associated with cold...

365 - 110 wild things...

Today was yet another splendid day so we went to Capel Manor Gardens. We had a wander round the grounds when Big Monkey spotted this little creeper swimming through the moat...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

365 - 109

I had a rather restless night, I woke in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom just to be joined by Little Monkey who insisted to brush his teeth. At 2.15 am. Then I tried to get him to sleep in his own bed so sat with him for half an hour. Just when I had settled in my bed again he sneaked in and made himself comfortable. sigh. He is a restless sleeper and he checks every now and then whether I'm still next to him. If it was his choice he'd cuddle up the whole night really close. In any case he got up early and his big sister dressed him and let him out in the garden. Hence when I got up at 8am I could see him through the bathroom window playing happily in the sandpit...


We stayed in Templin which is a rather small town in Brandenburg. Interestingly though it's still the 7th biggest town in Germany by area. Who'd thought? There are so many little hamlets part of it that it spreads for miles it seems. We stayed there mainly because it has a very nice thermal spa. But it also still has the complete city walls surrounding the old town. There are three main gates plus a few openings in the wall to allow for traffic.

City hall

Berlin gate

Soon it's Easter! Lots of people had decorated trees and bushes outside their houses with coloured plastic eggs. When we arrived this provided some colour but by the time we left most trees and bushes had started flowering and got leaves.

This is Werder, where the old town is on an island in the river Havel, it's on the west side of Berlin which made for a long journey from Templin which is on the other side. They did have lots of coffee houses here though.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

365 - 108

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

365 - 107 Theatre

We had theatre tickets for this show today about a little boy and his penguin. Little Monkey really enjoyed it and so did Big Monkey. She was a bit worried as the last show we saw that was specially chosen for Little Monkey was way too avantgarde for all but him.


We went to Germany for a couple of week, we stayed in Templin and Grandpa came to visit for a few days.

The hotel had a big playground, all the equipment stood on sand. Little Monkey was desperate for a little spade to build sandcastles. The only thing he found was a big piece of bark that he used for several days. Then Big Monkey found a proper little blue spade that somebody had lost. Little Monkey was over the moon, he did not want to part with it anymore and carried it around all day.

Most days it was sunny but very windy. Only the weekends it was also warm but it was alright as there was a big thermal pool right next door where the Monkeys went swimming nearly every day. By the end Little Monkey had lost his fear and jumped happily even into the deep water.