Monday, 19 August 2013

Sissinghurst Castle

Mrs Wookie visited us for the weekend so we pulled out all the stops and took her to Sissinghurst Castle to have a wander round the gardens and the Smallholders Fair. Of course we knew, that she always wanted to see the famous white gardens. *cough, cough* It's not like we only chose it because it's close and we just had driven past last week...

Baby Monkey soon decided that Mrs Wookie was trustworthy and was capable of holding her.

Baby also got a little scoop of vanilla ice cream from the lady at the stall so she didn't have to share with her siblings, or any grown-ups. Nice lady.

Daddy got some beer, Little Monkey got some cheese. Don't they look happy? They were.

Am Wochende hatten wir Besuch von Mrs Wookie. Wir fuhren nach Sissinghurst Castle, dort gibt es hauptsaechlich Gaerten, keine Burg. Aber das passt uns gut, Mrs Wookie mag Blumen, ich mag Blumen. Baby Monkey mag Eiskreme, Daddy Bier und Little Monkey Kaese. Big Monkey mag von allem ein bischen. Ausser vom Bier, natuerlich. An diesem Wochenende war auch eine kleine Landwirtschaftsausstellung, deswegen all die Verkostungen von Eis, Kaese und Bier. Wir konnten auch selbst Honig abfuellen und etwas Honig aus den Waben kosten. Schmeckt lecker und ist ein bischen wie Kaugummi findet Big Monkey.

Monday, 12 August 2013

London - Natural History Museum

On Sunday we went into London to visit the Butterfly house at the Natural History Museum and to pick up Big Monkey who had visited a friend for the weekend.

Of course we also went inside but we didn't go into the dinosaur exhibition, there were simply too many people. We wanted to see the volcanoes but sadly that exhibition was closed. Little Monkey was a little bit disappointed. 

But he got to go on a really fast train, apparently the fastest in the UK. Don't let the look on his face here fool you, he was really excited. It was the first thing he told everybody we met today. He wasn't worried any more that we might get lost but he was concerned that we might miss THE train. The concept that there are regular twice an hour trains wasn't a concept he understood easily.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Last week

The guinea pigs got their new house. It's green (good) and it has a garden for them (great). Well, that's what we think, the guinea pigs aren't so sure yet that going out is a good thing. Some people, however, love the house and the run. They clearly think it's a Monkey house...

No wonder he's confused, when there are constantly monkey people in his house. Sometimes we get the feeling they have been out, there's straw outside the cage so one of them at least must venture out at some point. 
I gave baby monkey some sticky foil and some paper scraps to play with. The moment the big Monkeys saw that they wanted to have a go too. What is it about baby toys and baby activities that is so appealing for everybody else? Baby Monkey was only half as impressed at the other two.

We have a rather lovely summer this year, it's quite warm most days. Big Monkey spends a lot of time in the pool and invites lots of her friends around as well. Daddy Monkey thought it would be fun to spray them with the garden hose but of course they retaliated. Little Monkey feared for his clothes so prepared himself:

Unsere Meerschweinchen haben endlich ihr Haus bekommen, es hat sogar einen Auslauf. Allerdings sind sie sich nicht sicher ob das auch gut ist. Kein Wunder, es sitzen ja dauernd Aeffchen drin. 
Baby Monkey hat von mir Klebefolie und Papierschnipsel bekommen um was damit zu basteln. Den anderen Zwei hat das fast besser gefallen. Was ist es nur mit Babyspielsachen, die fuer Groessere so interessant sind?
Wir haben einen richtig schoenen Sommer und Big Monkey ist taeglich im Pool, da gibt es manchmal Wasserkaempfe und Little Monkey muss sich wappnen. 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Big Brother and Little Sister

teaching how to get down the stairs safely:

at the pub:

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Last week...

The most exciting thing happening:

That's what happens when you send your animal loving daughter to a holiday camp at the local secondary school. 

They have a farm and while I was thinking of cows and chickens and proper pigs I wasn't quite expecting furry little piggies like these. But as we had agreed to get guinea pigs it was a good coincidence that they had a surplus of guinea pig babies that they needed a home for. So we now have two little guinea pigs living in a cat transporter in the wood shed until they get their proper home with a run for them to explore the garden. Baby Monkey is all excited about them and demands to see them regularly.

Hipstamatic Friday