Friday, 30 July 2010

Buzz Lightyear has arrived

We recently watched Toy Story and Big Monkey has discovered her love for Buzz. Toy Story Mania has officially arrived.

We visited Mrs Wookie the other day and Buzz Lightyear proved really helpful. Little monkey loved holding his hand to cross the street. He was very eager to get his chance to get that close to everybody's favourite space ranger. So far Big Monkey has not let her little brother come any closer than this.

We're all ready to see the movie!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

The tomatoes are ripening

I've harvested the first few tomatoes for the year. The sun and heat have done them good. They are really tasty this year.

Pick your own farm

We took our surprise visitor to the Pick your own farm. I want to make red currant jam which is really hard to get by here.

Everybody helped picking, even little monkey. He was very pleased that he could reach the berries. Last year we didn't pick currants, I only remembered that I like them when we reached the parking lot again. The strawberries are grown it troughs high up so little monkey can't reach them. He has to resort to picking them out of the baskets. However, this year there weren't any more left so we only had raspberries and the currants. When I tried to make the raspberry jam the next day half of them had miraculously disappeared...

PS: Jam is made and very nice, just the way I like it. No pips and not too sweet.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Another week gone...

gosh, how did that happen?

Schools have broken up for summer and it's been "quiet" but frantic. Little Monkey is a big monkey now, don't you know. Not only does he have a proper bed he will also use the potty - when he remembers and isn't too preoccupied with other things. We've been scooped up in the house for the week with nothing much happening other than flowerpots getting a bit more watering than we all envisioned. The biggest excitement has been to find the potty and get it to wherever it is needed.

The weekend, however, was a different story. Very exciting indeed. We had a surprise visitor from America! Big Monkey's bestest friend came to stay for a few days.

There was face painting resulting in some wild eyebrows and pink hairlines that didn't wash off for all our trying. Of course there was dressing up

and some wild dancing

and giggling little girls until oh 10 at night.

Could there be a better start to the summer break?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

It came from the deep of the ocean...

and if it didn't it should have:

It's time to harvest the fruits of my hard work and generally I've been very pleased with everything. But that carrot, it's like something to feature in a horror flick. I wonder what happened here. I've sown the carrots in their pots where they were to grow, didn't move them but still this creature came out the other day. The others are nice and straight but small. This one is anything but.

The potatoes, beetroots and courgettes looked like they're supposed to. Most of it has already been eaten. Ready for the next lot to be dug up.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

It's been a while

We had sunshine. Lots of it actually, it got untypical hot some days. We ate a lot of ice cream.

It tastes better if it is shaped like a mouse, you know.

Little monkey also went through a lot of bubbles. Unfortunately my cunning plan of buying one set of bubbles and then filling the little bottles up again with washing up liquid didn't work to plan. Little monkey lost them all and someone unsuspecting (generally me) stepped on them breaking off the lid.

Still it can never be hot enough to not wear wellingtons. But why is it that the moment the weather turns cold and damp he insists to wear his crocs?
Yes the boots are on the wrong feet, but he put them on himself, he's very proud of them.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Another day to splash around

This time in the public splashing pool at Priory Park.

The cherry tree is evil

I had to throw out the socks and no amount of scrubbing has shifted the colour on my heel...