Monday, 14 November 2011

Tropical Zoo

We went to the Tropical Zoo in Kew yesterday. They rescue exotic animals from people who can't look after them, from Heathrow airport exile and quarantine, the RSPCA and occasionally when fished out of the river Thames.

They have loads of different animals, fish, birds, reptiles, toads... luckily they only one that have been found in the Thames were turtles at least no crocodiles were mentioned. They had one enormous one that I wouldn't want to meet anywhere.

There are lots of chance to meet some of the animals up close. Little Monkey was a bit worried and wanted to be carried. He mostly stayed well back but would occasionally touch one or the other. Strangely refused to feel the chinchilla which absolutely everybody else gave a cuddle. I never managed to take a photo though, as he was very quick and then turned away.

This one was our favourite, she was a very friendly iguana lady and let us all have a stroke without getting annoyed. 

Daddy Monkey got to hold a real life dragon - a bearded dragon from Australia that is. Very pretty and cute he was I thought.

Big Monkey was fine with the python, really! She commented on how funny it felt when the snake moved.

Big Monkey liked all of them but said that she was slightly disappointed that they only had one cuddly animal to  pet, the chinchilla.


  1. My boy wants a bearded dragon so bad... but I refuse. I do not believe he is ready for all the care they take!

  2. I like snakes and one nephew has bearded dragons - very pretty and friendly.