Monday, 28 January 2013


It's been so cold recently and I think we haven't had any sunshine since the beginning of December. I took this photo last week, this tiny little light spot in the middle of the sky, can you see it? It's awfully hard, I know, but this is the sun. It made a very short appearance. It sort of loomed like the moon giving hardly light and certainly no warmth. And it was only there for about five minutes, by the time I had fiddled the phone out of my pocket with my frozen hands and got the camera on, the sun had disappeared again for a week. It made a very small short comeback last Saturday but that's been it. 

Baby Monkey is tucked in under five blankets that are folded to make 10 layers.

It is really this depressing right now. 

When is it spring?



  1. Next Advent you need to do some bulb planting too. Watching mine in the house remind me that spring will come.... :sigh:

    Lovely to see you!

  2. I'm sorry it's so depressingly winter there. :( We are dealing with yo-yo weather here...warm and then cold, warm and cold. It makes us sick. I hate to complain though. Next year we'll be joining you in being sick of winter in February. ;)