Thursday, 27 June 2013

School Sports Day

Yesterday was sports day and for a change the weather was accordingly. Sunny but not too hot and most importantly - no rain. Big Monkey has been home all week with a nasty cold and she wasn't fit enough to join in the sports day either but she came to watch. Not to cheer as she had lost her voice completely by then.

Baby Monkey joined in with being active and pulled herself up to standing. This is her newest achievement. Oh, how she would love to walk but how to sort out those legs, that she hasn't figured out yet. Hence it got all very complicated when the buggy started to move while she held on to it.

It's hard work you know!

She also had her first sneaky go with the camera and took a few photos that I only found when downloading them from the camera. This one is rather good. It's the church and Babies bag and most important cuddly in there. 

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  1. Oh woot Baby Monkey - standing is a good start and you'll sort those feet out soon. Hope Big Monkey feels better soon. :)