Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Time flies...

It has been a couple of weeks again already since Grandpa came to visit. The Monkeys were all very happy as he quite obviously is a Monkey too, we even have photos to proof that. But I'm not brave to post them right now.

Yes, my Dad...

We went to the local steam train and had a look around. This time on the platform only as we will be coming back when Thomas the Tank Engine comes to visit soon. 

Some Monkeys really love trains.
Little Monkey was most delighted to get a catalogue that shows all the Thomas engines, trains and track you can get. He spent a whole day studying it and quite possibly most of the the night too.

Other Monkeys aren't that taken by trains...

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  1. ooooh those eyes. Poor Big Monkey, hope Little Monkey, Grandpa Monkey and Daddy Monkey enjoyed the trains enough to make up for Big Monkey ;)