Friday, 23 July 2010

Another week gone...

gosh, how did that happen?

Schools have broken up for summer and it's been "quiet" but frantic. Little Monkey is a big monkey now, don't you know. Not only does he have a proper bed he will also use the potty - when he remembers and isn't too preoccupied with other things. We've been scooped up in the house for the week with nothing much happening other than flowerpots getting a bit more watering than we all envisioned. The biggest excitement has been to find the potty and get it to wherever it is needed.

The weekend, however, was a different story. Very exciting indeed. We had a surprise visitor from America! Big Monkey's bestest friend came to stay for a few days.

There was face painting resulting in some wild eyebrows and pink hairlines that didn't wash off for all our trying. Of course there was dressing up

and some wild dancing

and giggling little girls until oh 10 at night.

Could there be a better start to the summer break?

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