Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Little Monkey does his own thing

The other day he took a liking to the little bin in the play room, the noise it makes when the lid closes to be precise. By the time I came back with a cut apple a whole pack of wet wipes have disappeared in there. Now, that wasn't alright, was it? Yes, he agreed, naughty. Right. So he jugged the dolls house furniture instead. Which is not a problem until the time it comes to empty the bin into the big bin for proper throwing out. Then we have to remember that this is still needed.

The following day he decided that Big Monkey should help him get dressed without any help from me. They found this:

Cute, no? A full 6 days after Halloween, which we don't celebrate in any case, he decided it's the day to wear a pumpkin outfit. I love the big squishy pumpkin belly.

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