Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A special Birthday Treat

As it's been Daddy Monkey's Birthday last week and mine will be tomorrow we gave ourselves the big treat of spending the weekend away. Without the little Monkeys! We went to Bath which doesn't offer much for little Monkeys. We had a very posh Dinner and we visited the Bath Spa Thermae.
This one doesn't even allow Children under the age of 16! It does have a roof top pool, however. You can have a look here and see the pool. You might have to wait a bit until it turns up again. That pool is really spectacular. It was freezing when we came up, somehow we managed to walk up the outside stairs rather than find the lift or indoor stair case. But it was worth it, the water is warm and when we arrived up the church bells started. A very nice touch we thought.

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  1. That looks lovely! Happy birthday to you both!