Monday, 6 December 2010

Picture the holidays

I've signed up for a photo prompt every day during December. I've kept up to date with the photos but not with uploading, so here are a few, actually all apart from the first two.

Today's prompt was to find beauty in whatever you have to do today, like scratching the ice off the car before setting off for work.

Then we had to take a photo of a view, a photo of Nature. My garden looks very sorry at the moment, the snow and ice came to sudden for the marigolds who had soldiered on until now with blooms. But the cottoneaster can always be counted on for some coloour this time of the year.

Then there was a prompt to think what always helps to calm you down. Well, a cup of Jasmine tea always works for me, especially when it comes in a cute little dress.

Fittingly on Friday when it was my anniversary,and I got this lovely heart bead we had to find a symbol of love.

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