Saturday, 4 December 2010

The train set

I think I mentioned before how much Noah loves the train set we own. He can play for ages with it and it is always the first one he plays with when he gets up in the morning, comes back from nursery or any trip outside the house.

He concentrates really hard on fixing the track and keeping the train on the tracks which is really hard as Emily, the green steam engine doesn't fit on the brio track, she belongs to Thomas the Tank Engine which we don't have. She is the one he tried to nick when he visited the Transport Museum in Covent Garden for the first time. The attempt was spotted quickly and one red faced nanny had to back track to the museum and confess to his sins and buy the engine. It wasn't the worst buy, he plays with it every day and tries to make her stay on the tracks. Hopefully Santa sees the blight of this little boy and helps out.

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  1. LOL....

    I wish you could have bought all of Seth's stuff from us before we got too far away for it to be cost effective. He has a table and a ton of track and engines...and bridges and...and...and. AND he doesn't play with it anymore. LOL