Friday, 22 April 2011

Capel Manor Gardens

Big Monkey monkeying around, do I look like a monkey? because I am a monkey she sang. Well, yes there's a certain resemblance. These "old" ruins by the way are neither old nor there by chance. You can buy them if you think your garden needs a special feature. I don't think the Queen will come to open it though like she did here.

Throughout the garden the Monkeys made some races and I was the goal post. Race you to Mummy one would scream and next thing I'd know is a push in the back to show that the winner has arrived.

Little Monkey admired the pretty flowers, however, he was most concerned who would water them as they desperately needed watering in his opinion. He'd do it but there was no watering can close by. We did see someone water the green houses a little bit later and Little Monkey got a little fright as he got a bit wet. But at least the worries about the poor flowers drying up were unfounded.

Big Monkey couldn't resist this temple and hey, when you've got the chance to play goddess you better use it, right?

Here's Daddy Monkey advertising a little country normally associated with cold...

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