Thursday, 21 April 2011


We stayed in Templin which is a rather small town in Brandenburg. Interestingly though it's still the 7th biggest town in Germany by area. Who'd thought? There are so many little hamlets part of it that it spreads for miles it seems. We stayed there mainly because it has a very nice thermal spa. But it also still has the complete city walls surrounding the old town. There are three main gates plus a few openings in the wall to allow for traffic.

City hall

Berlin gate

Soon it's Easter! Lots of people had decorated trees and bushes outside their houses with coloured plastic eggs. When we arrived this provided some colour but by the time we left most trees and bushes had started flowering and got leaves.

This is Werder, where the old town is on an island in the river Havel, it's on the west side of Berlin which made for a long journey from Templin which is on the other side. They did have lots of coffee houses here though.

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