Monday, 12 August 2013

London - Natural History Museum

On Sunday we went into London to visit the Butterfly house at the Natural History Museum and to pick up Big Monkey who had visited a friend for the weekend.

Of course we also went inside but we didn't go into the dinosaur exhibition, there were simply too many people. We wanted to see the volcanoes but sadly that exhibition was closed. Little Monkey was a little bit disappointed. 

But he got to go on a really fast train, apparently the fastest in the UK. Don't let the look on his face here fool you, he was really excited. It was the first thing he told everybody we met today. He wasn't worried any more that we might get lost but he was concerned that we might miss THE train. The concept that there are regular twice an hour trains wasn't a concept he understood easily.

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  1. Was the skeleton waiting to go see the dinosaurs? Glad you didn't miss THE train!