Saturday, 10 August 2013

Last week

The guinea pigs got their new house. It's green (good) and it has a garden for them (great). Well, that's what we think, the guinea pigs aren't so sure yet that going out is a good thing. Some people, however, love the house and the run. They clearly think it's a Monkey house...

No wonder he's confused, when there are constantly monkey people in his house. Sometimes we get the feeling they have been out, there's straw outside the cage so one of them at least must venture out at some point. 
I gave baby monkey some sticky foil and some paper scraps to play with. The moment the big Monkeys saw that they wanted to have a go too. What is it about baby toys and baby activities that is so appealing for everybody else? Baby Monkey was only half as impressed at the other two.

We have a rather lovely summer this year, it's quite warm most days. Big Monkey spends a lot of time in the pool and invites lots of her friends around as well. Daddy Monkey thought it would be fun to spray them with the garden hose but of course they retaliated. Little Monkey feared for his clothes so prepared himself:

Unsere Meerschweinchen haben endlich ihr Haus bekommen, es hat sogar einen Auslauf. Allerdings sind sie sich nicht sicher ob das auch gut ist. Kein Wunder, es sitzen ja dauernd Aeffchen drin. 
Baby Monkey hat von mir Klebefolie und Papierschnipsel bekommen um was damit zu basteln. Den anderen Zwei hat das fast besser gefallen. Was ist es nur mit Babyspielsachen, die fuer Groessere so interessant sind?
Wir haben einen richtig schoenen Sommer und Big Monkey ist taeglich im Pool, da gibt es manchmal Wasserkaempfe und Little Monkey muss sich wappnen. 

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  1. Monkey houses in the garden sounds good to me :)