Friday, 14 May 2010

Big Monkey is 7!

Today was Big Monkeys seventh birthday. I think she had a lovely day, they had a school trip arranged to see a play about walking to school. A topic which made me grumble seeing we live 6 miles from school with no direct public transport. But alas it's important to make an effort if you live round the corner. In any case the play was canceled so instead they spent the morning at the playground in Hampstead Heath. After they had their picnic they went back to school to have some more play time in the garden. Sounds like a birthday during school time should be.

When big Monkey came back from some more playing at her friend's house it was finally time for presents.
She got her very own pets, four Indian Stick Insects. At first she thought she had received a plant and didn't look at them at all. I asked her whether she liked her stick insects to which she said but where are they? In there! But where? she cried... Like I said, there will be lots of fun playing the where-are-they-game... She was very pleased with them once she found them but noticed that they didn't move around a lot or better said, not at all.

You can see them here on the photo, can you spot them? They are the thin sticky things hanging from the leaves. It's easy to find them once you know what you're looking for.
Among other things she also got a Lego game. From Grandpa as you'd expect, he the master of amazon has ordered the Minotaur game. We had to build it before we could play which we enjoyed very much, especially as there were three Minotaur horns and three arms for him which threw us a little. Big Monkey won of course. So that made her like the game even more.