Friday, 7 May 2010

Days in Devon

We've been away over the Bank holiday weekend. Sadly the weather wasn't as good as we'd hoped for. Still, that shouldn't stop any monkeys from watering gardens, right? Luckily the cottage we stayed at not only had a little watering can, it also had a little bucket. So much more efficient in distributing water. Dino hat - mandatory. It's cold and there were raindrops...

The little village had a scarecrow festival. The theme was "Australian" although this one had a sign round its neck saying traditional. There were many scarecrows on surfboards and with sun hats though.

Our first proper stop was in Beer to have a walk along the beach to throw pebbles into the sea and collect pieces of crab shells and pretty coloured stones.

It can never be too cold to have ice cream and no trip to the beach can be complete without a cone of ice cream.

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