Saturday, 22 May 2010

Tent town

Still trying to catch up with photos and posts. The weather has been so lovely the last few days that I spend most of my time outside. Watering mainly. Little monkey has progressed from the little spray bottle to the garden hose. Dangerous that. I've been drenched before. It's a erm surprise to suddenly have a freezing shower.
Anyhow, Big Monkey got two tents for her birthday, so she decided to build a tent town.

Everybody loved the tents, once the Monkeys had left, the cat moved in.

The colourful pop-up tent is from Monkey N and while we have no idea on how to ever fold it again, apart from this, it is perfect. Big Monkey even decided to sleep in there on Tuesday. After a few hours she moved into her bed but she slept a few hours in there curled up on her duvets.

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