Monday, 28 June 2010


While looking for a picture of my new garden bench I found some more photos of the monkeys blowing bubbles.

Good thing that the pound shop sells six bottles of bubbles for 99p. Even better that I found an enormous bottle of bubble solution at the back of the cupboard. That should keep us going for a while. Then I can fill up the little bottles with washing up liquid to pretend they are all new. Unless the bottles get run over by scooters or tricycles, of course.

Ah, and here is the new garden bench, cleverly positioned so we can smell the sweet peas from next doors. Ours are hidden behind the vegetable batch. To benefit from their scent one needs to work or stand forlorn around.

I also moved the iron cast table from its previous home next to the sandpit to the front of the shed. The idea is to put lots of pretty ferns on top and around. To prove how good the drainage in my garden is, all those stones on where the table stands I have collected in the garden. There are still many more in buckets and of course in the ground. Hopefully there will be a point where the water does not cascade over the stones and actually seeps into the ground so we can have a proper english lawn. Or any lawn that's green.

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  1. Nice bench. Glad red strawberries taste better and the grass is meant to go brown in the summer... unless you keep watering it. Littlest monkey likes doing that. :)