Friday, 25 June 2010

More Summer days

My barometer is broken, for the past three days it has been predicting rain and clouds when we had wonderful summer weather. Lots of chances to splash in the paddling pool and playing with the garden hose.

Everybody is happy about the sunshine except for the cat, who is not amused. She likes to make it known that she is terribly suffering and drops theatrically in front of our feet. She also tries to drink the water from the little baby bath that functions most days as the impromptu paddling pool. Little monkey is not happy about this. So he tries to discourage her by spraying her with the garden hose. Interestingly she doesn't get angry at this, she just sits there. Poor kitty, so hot.

Sometimes I like it when little monkey adds decoration to the garden. That cheery chappy made me laugh when I went back outside in the evening to water the plants. Sadly it hasn't worked since the monkeys stuffed twigs into the arms where water should spray out.

Of course we had to watch some football. Good entertainment especially as the English team won.

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  1. We've had wonderful weather here too. It did sprinkle a bit yesterday. I'm enjoying the weather...your poor kitty. Ours WANTS to outside so badly. LOL