Saturday, 5 June 2010

Half term entertainment Day 2

It's sunny and the cat already thinks she can't stand it anymore.

Did you find her? That rosebush is currently on a mission to take over the garden. I found three more spaces where it has started to grow. One of the bushes is enormous, it might have been planted but it's on a very peculiar site. I also think it might be one that rose aficionados would turn their nose up but it's such a cheery thing so I'm happy to have it. It's also very healthy and while it has a few spotty leaves it's not taken over by black spot.
The Monkeys had a lunch at the Crocodile Cafe and somehow managed to get two ice cream lollies each during the day. One should have been mine! Then they lounged in the tent. They also managed to paint half the cloak room and part of the play room some time between getting ice cream and scooting along the Broadway.

The first flower in the baskets has come up. Surprise! I didn't know it would be stripey or a double flower. If I'd known I hadn't bought those. I prefer the single ones. But they do look sweet and smell lovely. This one is right next to the kitchen door and its scent wafts inside which feels very much like summer.

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