Friday, 15 October 2010

Children don't make you happy...

I recently read an article about the fact that having children doesn't make people happy. Apparently the sleep deprivation, the stress of dealing with screaming children, toddler tantrums, school proplems make parents unhappy.

But really would you find an alien in your bathroom without children living in your house?

Or a Lego zombie between your flower pots (and spiderwebs)?

You wouldn't have a door for fairies to visit your garden either, now would you?

You wouldn't fill your washing machine with load after load of teddies, horses and bunnies so they can sit on the radiator for a day or two, right?

I don't know about you but this makes me happy, just for starters.


  1. I read that article recently too and I think that whomever wrote it was full of crap. ;)

    For those of us who WANTED children...I believe that we are happy. Are we tired, stressed, over-worked? Uh yeah. But so are the childless people who do nothing but drive themselves to drinking trying to get it all...the best house, the best clothes, the best car...etc.

    Anyway...I am happy with my crew. Most of the time. ;)

    Tara...who has had an alien visit her house recently....Em thought she was rather cute and "kept" her. LOL

  2. Hmm, not read the article and won't bother - I like having small people around, cherish the aliens they go away leaving the bathroom remarkably bare...