Saturday, 23 October 2010

Toddler wisdom - Part2

Little Monkey likes what his big sister has. So when she asks for more juice, he wants more too. Regardless whether his cup is still full or not. Until now he had to accept that he would not get more juice if his glass is already filled to the prim. But not anymore. This morning he thought he had come up with a glorious solution to this dilemma. He simply pours his drink into his bowl once he's eaten his grapes. Voila, an empty glass for more juice just like Big Monkey's. Clever, eh? Except it didn't work! That is so disappointing. Daddy did not fill up Little Monkey's glass again. He just took the bowl and poured the juice back into the beaker. That's not what Little Monkey wanted! Time for a tantrum? Little Monkey wasn't sure if that situation actually validated a proper toddler tantrum or not. He had to have a serious think about this. But he got distracted after a few seconds and forgot everything about the tantrum and his drink.

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