Friday, 22 October 2010

Trains, Trains, Trains

Oh, how he loves trains! Little Monkey adores trains, whether they are tube trains, steam trains or regular train. Big trains, little trains, Thomas the Tank engine, Brio, Lego - he loves them all. Nothing better than sitting in a train and riding along. Nothing is more interesting than the promise to go on a train ride.

He hangs out of the window so he spot the locomotive. Once he has to get off he stands in front of the train and stares adoringly at it. This is in Exbury Gardens, where the Rothschilds collected rhododendrons. Well, one of them had a "disease" incurable but not fatal as the train driver told us, it's called train obsession. Oh, no I thought, Little Monkey got that! Maybe he will grow out of it? But so far he shows no signs of healing. I don't think we can do what the Rothschilds did... build a proper narrow train track with a steam engine in our back garden.

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