Tuesday, 5 July 2011

365 - 183 Public Transport

Monday was our six monthly visit to the Eastman Dental Hospital. I was again surprised how efficient and well equipped this hospital is. There were the usual toys and magazines and then there was the Nintendo WII. And it worked! That was what amazed me the most. There are often very nice toys in waiting rooms but there are always parts missing or the batteries are empty but this not only had all the necessary controllers, it worked perfectly. Not that Big Monkey had much chance to play on as we only had to wait for a few minutes. After we came back from the X-rays the dentist was actually waiting for us!

All this took a while so it was rush hour which made us reluctant to go by tube so we found our way with the bus which was actually quite pleasant. We got a place at the top, part of the journey we even managed to scramble for the first row. Simply "The best" place in a bus!

We were well equipped and prepared for the long journey.


  1. We like buses - much nicer even if much longer journey time :)

  2. Love the Double decker buses!