Sunday, 24 July 2011

365 - 203 Cat

This is my cat waiting to get water. She is not stupid, she knows that tap is a tap like any other so she knows, KNOWS that she could drink water from it. What she doesn't know is why she can't get water from here, she just don't understand so she sits there and waits patiently that maybe, maybe one day someone comes and turns it on. Occasionally Little Monkey turns the tap on, sometimes the painter did when he was here. I have visions of a flooded street when nobody turns it off again.
And did I tell you about the time Monkey cat was pink? Yep, when the afore mentioned painter painted the back and front door red silly kitty walked by too close. I came home to find her fur had a pink tinge to it. We had to give her a little trim round the edges. The painter offered to use some white spirit on her. We had to break it gently to him that the reason to cut the hair off was because she would lick her fur so neither paint nor white spirit would do her any good. But as you can see she's back to her usual colouring.

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