Sunday, 21 August 2011

Little Monkey's first trip to the cinema

This morning we went to see Cars 2 as Little Monkey spied a picture of the racing car and was so excited he wanted it. Right now, Right there.

That was Saturday morning and he hadn't forgotten by the evening. So I thought, why not, gives us something to do we not normally do.

Hence we set off rather early for a Sunday morning to track to one of the few cinemas that still showed the movie. He didn't want to wear his 3d glasses, bless him. They made it too scary, he said. He did enjoy the movie and particularly liked the train and the fire engine which had only very short appearances. Still, them being there at all made it worth the while, he is just such a train and fire engine lover. Towards the end he got a bit antsy and couldn't wait to get home which put a stop to my hopes to have a browse through the book store next door.

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