Sunday, 28 August 2011

M & M World

I couldn't quite believe it but there is a four storey shop in London dedicated to M & Ms.

You can buy anything from pillows, cups, clothes, balls to cat toys. Oh, and alarm clocks.

And sweets of course. Here Big Monkey clutches our special sea coloured baggy of green and blue M & Ms that we chose from the containers. (and her Playmobil dragon who joined in)

This is Little Monkey after he met Green. Well, can't blame him really. They are normally a lot smaller and not adult size nor do they normally speak and mention his nice green wellie boots.

We only found this while searching for a Routemaster mug for Grandpa. We didn't find one in case you're wondering. But today's program was actually the London Eye and Chinatown. Photos from that tomorrow. Now I have to marvel at that lovely colour combination in the wine glasses...

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