Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hallowe'en is coming...

Not that I celebrate Hallowe'en especially if this is what's to come... I'm quite used now to the fact that my pedigree cat, who I bought while living in a flat because "she doesn't want to go out much, she'll be a indoor cat" brings her catches home on a regular basis. Somehow nobody told her that Ragdolls aren't supposed to catch mice. However, she does and I often find mice hidden between the cobble stones outside. Doesn't bother me. No, not one bit. The song birds I found twice, they bothered me slightly more. But, but that my car now starts in the fun, that is a bit much. Way too much. Especially the things it catches.

This is what I found stuck to the grille when Baby Monkey and I came out of the supermarket:

eugh! A bat, to think we drove around with this draped around the front. How is that even possible? I thought bats fly on radar, all really good, all clever? Must be Dopey... I know, Mr Bat, you are all protected and what not but boy, you are ugly!

No back isn't better either. Although that fur sure looks fluffy. Didn't try to touch it though. I mean I watched that movie recently about that virus that came from a bat, you know. What was it called, that was scary too.


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  1. Mice with wings....shudder. Creepy crawly...blech