Friday, 7 September 2012

It's been a while...

a long while, and lots has happened. 

 Baby Monkey made a very early appearance on May 18th. Way too early so she spent a month in an incubator and then a few weeks in a warming bed before being allowed to come home at the end of June. That's one of the first photos of her with the drip still in place but without the breathing mask which she had to have for a few hours.

She was really tiny but not anymore, this is how she looks now. 

She sure does like her food and has gained enough weight so that she doesn't have to have the special formula for premature babies anymore. I won't say all is well but everything is a lot better.


  1. It is SO good to see you back! I've been checking your blog every few days! We miss you! The kids keep asking about you, asking to go visit... it's been a long while, can we go see them? They keep asking! Baby Monkey's looking good! As are the older two!