Saturday, 29 September 2012

Our week in review

Outside our window: It's definitely Autumn now.

Time to collect conkers and making funny things with it.

From the kitchen:  Right now, it is still way too chaotic to plan ahead, so I go and buy some basic stuff and then throw something together. Beef stew is just right for the chilly but sunny weather like we're having now.
In the learning room: Big Monkey has been chosen with two of her class mates to represent the school at the Maths Olympics. We're pretty proud of her considering she only started this school in April and it is all in a different language.

We've been creating: Little Monkey has done his very first drawing of a person. That big one is me. I think a diet is needed...

I crocheted a bag and felted it, not sure why the colours have come up that garish it's a lot more muted and nicer in real life.

Things we did: We had Missus Wookie visiting, we showed her a bit of the area. Visited a castle and an air field for sailing planes, had ice cream and taught her how to crochet.

Baby Monkey had her physio, an appointment with the eye doctor, the second set of vaccinations... but luckily her Pekip Course started too. So it wasn't all serious stuff. I had no idea what it was and I still don't really know but there are songs, toys and other babies so we think it's fun. Oh, and they all are nekkid. Not sure what the idea behind this is but hey Baby Monkey had a good time looking around.

Favourite things: Monkeys who like each other and don't fight.

Monkeys who brush their hair.

Happy playing Monkeys.


  1. Yeah for brushed hair and felted bags - wondered if that had been done yet. Thought of you as we discussed beef stew here today.

  2. !! I want to learn how to crochet.... I can only do a basic chain....!!! boo hoo...

    Kids look great! Missing you all!