Saturday, 17 September 2011

Friday Hipstamatic Day

Suddenly remembered again that I wanted to take lots of funky photos with the Hipstamatic app every Friday. Ah well, starting from now. Still love how they turn out.
Ah, clean jumper but spots on the film. Yay, gotta love that.

These little critters are way to cute for plastic and I couldn't find the baby hedgehog, it's the cutest ever.

During the day I make numerous cups of teas, I either forget to take the tea bag out or I forget to drink it. Doesn't stop me though, I drink it anyway because as my Grandma said, doesn't get off, you can drink cold tea. I normally drink Jasmine tea though so it's fine but English Breakfast, nah that would be yuck.

1 comment:

  1. Playmobil plastic animals are very cute! These hipstamatic are fun, wonder if Wookie would let me install this on his iphone... or if I have to wait until I have my own :)