Monday, 5 September 2011

The British Museum

This is just round the corner, well sort of, from the World's best saxophone shop so we walked there after lunch. Daddy Monkey had never seen the Rosetta stone. Neither had Little Monkey but he didn't really want to know, he didn't care.

He wanted to see the exhibition about death...

A mosaic made out of pills.

Nah, he didn't really want to see that, maybe the African textiles. No, not that either. Maybe the Chinese Art? Or maybe the gift shop? At this point we dragged him to the Ancient Greeks. He didn't want to see these either but I decided that Big Monkey should have a look. They did Ancient Greece in school before the summer break so she might need a little inspiration to get back into the swing of things. Not long until it's time to go back, you know.

We did go and see the Rosetta Stone, Daddy Monkey did have a good look around, made the suitable noises of being impressed. Then we raced after Little Monkey to make sure he didn't start climbing any Ancient Egyptian statues...

By the time we left the museum it had started to rain. Again. This is getting boring.

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