Monday, 5 September 2011

The saxophone

Big Monkey has been learning the recorder for a while and for the last two terms she had a new teacher. A teacher who also plays the piano, the flute, the clarinet and THE SAXOPHONE! Apparently there is nothing more exciting or better than the saxophone. Her teacher offers now lessons in all the instruments she plays and at the end of the summer term she gave a little demonstration. Ever since Big Monkey has been convinced that the saxophone is the best. Accordingly she asked every other week when she can get one. Well, yesterday was the day, we took the bus all the way to its last stop in Tottenham Court Road and went to what is apparently the best Saxophone shop in the world, We didn't buy one as they are rather expensive so we rented one for three months, which still isn't cheap but a lot less than an unused instrument.

It is pretty, isn't it? And it does sound very nice. Very nice if you know how to play it that is. Anybody know how long that might be? We met our neighbour on the way home and Big Monkey had to show her the new saxophone of course. Our lovely neighbour asked for practicing inside the front room, the one furthest from her house. Fair enough I think. But she also asked to hear a demonstration once Big Monkey has mastered a little song...

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  1. Ewok wanted to play when he was Little Monkey's age but we couldn't find anyone to teach him. He fell in love after watching a tv show. I'll have to hear that song too!