Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sunflower surgery

Way back in spring the Monkeys chose seeds while we were at the Garden Centre. They wanted sunflowers which we started off inside then transferred them to bigger pots outside. I didn't want them in the flower beds because they have big roots. Anyhow after the early spring onslaught of slugs and snails only two survived. One of them grew really nicely and got really tall. The other didn't look very pretty because it too got nibbled by someone. So imagine my disappointment when I walked outside one morning and the tall sunflower was pushed over, its stem nearly broken. Right I thought, I want a sunflower and I don't let anybody or anything deny me this. So I made a little bandage of sellotape for it.

Then I hoped for the best. And:

How pretty, I got my sunflower. Weeeelll, when it was windy and rainy last week it broke off again, not on my sellotaped part but a bit higher up. This time I didn't get the sellotape out again, instead I got a pretty bottle and now it is on that little table in my hall where I walk past everytime I go anywhere in my house.

Its lovely sunny yellow fluffy head makes me smile every time I go past.

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  1. Glad your graft worked the first time and you got your sunflower. We have masses of smaller ones - I've just cut a bunch for the house.