Sunday, 27 March 2011

30 Steps...

...from where I took my camera this morning I found this

My collection of tins or rather my late Mum's collection, she used them to store a variety of things from buttons, match boxes, nails and disposable plastic ice cream spoons that come with single serving tubs. I'm particularly taken by the later, why would you collect that? But to be honest I didn't manage to throw them away either, I have them stored away in a little plastic container and can't bear putting them into the bin. I mean if my Mum collected them maybe there is some reason to it? If you have an idea please enlighten me. I also love the blue Nivea tin. Apparently this is pretty much the same stuff as the very expensive Creme de la Mer. It's a very rich cream and it normally comes in tiny little containers which last for half a year if not longer. I can't think how long it would take to go through this amount of cream that would come in a container as big as this. I don't use it myself but I love the scent. I reminds me of my Grandma even though I can't remember her ever using it. Maybe she was the one who first got that tin but after several years of using it got tired of it and changed to something else. Can't say I'd blame her.

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