Wednesday, 23 March 2011

365 - 081 Swimming lessons - badge week

Tuesdays Big Monkey has her swimming lessons. We've now changed to private lessons and her progress is a lot better than previously in the group.

Now this is not the pool we go to. Unfortunately. I took these photos on our recent trip to St Lucia. This was the most perfect pool I've ever been in. Notice the view? Infinity pool over Marigot Bay... Well, Big Monkey's teaching pool isn't anything like this.

No palm trees, no sailing yachts gently swaying in the distance, no fancy cocktails with little umbrellas... Instead there is a tiny glass window with a few stools in front for the parents to watch their kids, two cramped changing rooms and tea and soft drinks to buy but that's the end of luxury. The water is warm though, the teachers are lovely and they teach very well. Big Monkey enjoys her lessons and that's what counts.
Yesterday they all got tested for badges. Big Monkey had to swim lengths, about 10 times she said, swim in her pj's, do the jump where she has to keep her head above the water and a few other jumps. She's already done the diving last week so now she's done another badge which we will sew onto her towel once we get it next week.


  1. I was going to say WOW! Glad she got her badge!