Thursday, 10 March 2011

365 - 066

On Monday we went to the library again and made a puzzle, that Big Monkey got for Christmas.

It's the biggest she's done so far and it took her a while. It's 200 pieces and quite a bit of sky. She started it a few weeks ago but didn't finish it because Little Monkey "tried" to help. On Monday he was out to visit a friend of his so it was the time to get it done. Big Monkey insisted on working on the sky and ground too not only the horses. Unfortunately we had to take it apart straight away as we didn't have any space to keep it for longer. At least Daddy Monkey was home so could have a quick look before it was put back into the box.


  1. Great job on the puzzle! The worse part is taking them apart after you do all the work

  2. Fun! I get frustrated with puzzles, I get half way done and quit, lol