Sunday, 27 March 2011

365 - 086 Spring is Gardening time

We went to the garden centre for the first time this year. And so did the rest of the neighbourhood (except Mrs Wookie, didn't see her but she must have been the only one). We had to queue up for the parking but once inside it wasn't crowded and there weren't any queues at the tills.

We went mainly to buy some more mud to fill up containers, potato planters and buckets for carrots. Oh and food for the cat. I found out that my kitty is now a mature adult... Who'd thought, she's only 8! We also bought a few tomato plants already, can never resist. Also some seeds, the kids chose sunflowers and I got some Russian doll gourd seeds. So far I've never ever managed to grow a pumpkin or something of that ilk so I won't hold my breath but I still will try...

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