Tuesday, 22 March 2011

365 - 080 Siblings

Some days, some hours, some minutes these two get along very well. Some days not at all but there's a point in the day when one of them is missing the other one terribly. Last Friday shortly before his bedtime Little Monkey insisted to get Big Monkey from her friend's place on his scooter and in his wellies (nothing else) "right now!". Daddy Monkey fetched her when he was already in bed so now he asks every morning whether she's here to make sure he won't miss another round of building a pillow train. Big Monkey has spent several afternoons wailing that she's bored and when is Little Monkey coming back to play.
Other days there's so much screaming I can't even hear what's been happening. A friend recently threatened with a change of schools to the wrong side of town. Round here's normally the Monkey enclosure (obviously) or the wandering Circus. Luckily it always stops or I'd move to the zoo...