Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spring - 365 - 060

It's Spring I insist and the plants agree. See the rhubarb is coming up.

I absolutely love the leaf on the left, how it is crumpled up, so pretty. It's poisonous maybe if I put it on my broccoli plants then the squirrel won't eat them anymore? At least we will have rhubarb crumble to look forward even it we won't have much broccoli.

Happy about all those signs of Spring, today there was sunshine even though it was very cold.

Not so happy about this though:

While I was out in East London this morning I suddenly realized that I had put my jeans with the pedometer still attached into the washing machine. All the time while I was out I tried to convince myself that I was mistaken. Sadly...

See the line going through the display? That is its new water feature...

365 - 060


  1. So sorry about the pedometer! Love the spring shots!

  2. Sad about your pedometer... :( Happy about spring! My favorite time of year, I absolutely love it. We are fully into a lovely warm spring at this time.