Thursday, 9 February 2012

A little Valentine's present

Big Monkey suffers from dry lips so she constantly picks on them driving me to distraction. So I bought her a tube of lip salve, strawberry flavoured none the less. As I just had put some pretty Valentine's patterned paper into my Counterfeit kit I remembered I had it and actually used it. Success.
I cut two strips fitting the lip salve and added some white ric rac and a few little flower shaped brads that I found on my desk. I put the ribbon through a heart shaped eyelet that lurked in the furthest corner of the red colour box. Then I wrote a little love note on the journalling card that I also found on my desk. I think it got left behind and didn't end up in the kit like it should. Still it gets its moment to shine, it's so very pretty too, from Webster's. Then I rolled it up and closed it up with the ribbon in a bow. Now I just have to hope that Big Monkey uses it and not looses it like the ones we got before.