Thursday, 9 February 2012

Organizing stash

Apart from actually scrapping going through stash is a good substitute. I find it really inspiring. Recently when I did a layout I found that my cardstock had little rips and notches at the edges. Now, that makes me very unhappy. So I decided the box in which it is kept has to go but what to do instead? Nothing, I decided, I just put the cardstock onto the shelf along with the scraps in pizza boxes and a box of beads to keep it upright.

It's still not perfectly straight though. Do you think I need more cardstock?

I think I do. I can't see any blues! So few yellows and oranges! Hardly no reds! Yes, I think I need some, I really do.


  1. You are to funny! I do my best to keep FAR away from the scrapbook paper sections..... It's truly unhealthy for bank account. And since I do most of my scrapbooking digitally, it's a fairly unproductive obsession too!

  2. LOL...I'm the wrong person to ask if you need more cardstock, because my answer would be YES.

  3. I'm about to reorganize the paper and cardstock storage here - wanna do a shopping expedition to look at ideas? ;)