Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Photos from the Museum of London

I borrowed Daddy Monkey's little camera and couldn't quite figure out what it wanted me to do so there aren't any photos from inside the museum as flash photography of course is not allowed with all the old exhibits and the camera said no.

Here's one of Big Monkey dressing up as an Archaeologist, she's holding a trowel and a bone ice skating piece.

There are they all in front of the museum, Little Monkey pretends he isn't part of our little group.

Well, at least someone is looking pretty and smiling...

He did enjoy running around here even though it doesn't look like it.

Always good for a silly photo opportunity.

A police phone box, now out of service so rare and greatly admired.

I, too, loved this butterfly art work by Rebecca J Cole from the Guildhall Art Gallery.


  1. HAHAHA at Little Monkey...typical boy of this age!! You should have gotten Missus Wookie to take a photo of YOU for a change. ;)

  2. Do you know I didn't take ANY photos of the front of TownMonkey - didn't want to give away the secret... could have now!