Saturday, 18 February 2012

Our week in review

Outside our window: Rather dull winter garden scenery without snow but, but

The crocuses are out!

In case you're wondering the orange balloon is smaller still and curled around a twig in the cherry tree.

From the kitchen: Big Monkey and her friend made cup cakes and decorated them and hid some sweet surprise inside them. Shepherds pie, Chicken Stroganoff, Vegetarian Risotto, Fish pie, Pasta and Augsburger Sausages with Mash were on the menu this week.

In the learning room: Unsurprisingly Maths. While the schools were closed for half term we only did a few essential lessons which were mainly the now usual speed sheets and multiplication. In science we kept an eye on our bean plants which now do justice to their reputation and grow while being watched. We started a new project, the weather. We made rainbows, a rain gauge and know why it rains, where clouds come from and why the sky is blue and we kept a weather diary. In art Big Monkey painted a portrait of me in the style of Frida Kahlo. She also had her saxophone lesson where she kept working on her sharp Bs (not that I know what they talked about...)

We've been creating: Paintings, layouts, cards. I've made three ATCs to fill the little holder I got as present in the yahoo group 12 Days of Christmas swap from Annie.

Favourite things: Friends who announce a visit and are here an hour later. Little presents that show somebody noticed somethings like the missing bookmark. The pretty brooch I got for Valentine's Day that looks like a scrapbook paper embellishment. Quick healing gums and no complications.

Things we've done: I've been to my Yoga class for the third time this week. It feels really good, my joints really benefit and I certainly need the relaxation. We took the kitchen funnels and colanders into the bath which Little Monkey absolutely loved. He created fountains and streams and it all stayed in the bath tub! I guess this was the biggest surprise to me. I envisioned a flooded bathroom but it was actually better than normal. Big Monkey not only had her bestest friend staying over for a sleep over she also had a friend visiting and on the same day also visited another friend at her house. Big Monkey and her bestest friend got the Monkey cat to do tricks and concluded that she is indeed the cleverest cat in the world. Ever.

She certainly is the cutest. Ever.

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  1. Yeah for a good week, fast healing gums and a non flooded bathroom :)