Wednesday, 16 February 2011

365 - 047 "It snowed green snow"

This morning a parcel arrived which Little Monkey presumed was his because it was his birthday recently and well, some parcels had arrived for him. Big Monkey thought it might contained something interesting so claimed it at hers. Once they ripped the box open the contents were suddenly of no interest anymore as it contained green, green! packaging material! So exciting. They ran around in it and stomped it flat and threw it around the kitchen. Great. Even the tidying up was exciting. It stuck to the brush, wonderful. Later I even got some glued on a piece of paper in the shape of a tree that Little Monkey made. The moment Grandpa came downstairs Big Monkey told him it had snowed green snow overnight! Imagine that.

In case you're now wondering what was in the parcel, a bird feeder, live meal worms and a little roosting nest. At least somebody will be happy about these...