Sunday, 27 February 2011

Little Monkeys big Party - 365 - 057

Today was Little Monkey's first proper party at a venue. Months before his birthday he announced that his party was going to be in Clowntown. And that he would have a Peppa Pig cake. At his birthday he did have a Peppa cake so now it was time for the Clowntown party. This is an enormous softplay centre loved by all kids. Which means that it was packed. Poor Monkey was so excited he had a big meltdown half way through and it wasn't helped that a little friend tried to be useful and blew out the candles on his cake. Still I think he had a good time.


  1. What memories for a first party! Sounds like a total kids place that would give me a stress headache {kinda like chuck e cheese}

  2. yep that's the kind of place. Noisy, super bright colours, crazy kids running around...